Car maintenance

What are the penalties if your technical inspection is not valid?

Roadworthiness testing is a means for the State to guarantee the safety of road users. In the 1990s, roadworthiness testing was extended to all types of vehicles. Only the technical inspector approved by the Prefecture is authorised to carry out…

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Technical inspection: how to prepare your car properly?

A roadworthiness test is an examination to ensure that a vehicle is safe to operate. It is a preventive measure for its owner and other road users. In addition, if all maintenance is properly carried out by the owner, the…

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Car air conditioning: how do you know if it’s in good condition?

Whether you are a passenger or a driver, it is unpleasant to drive a car in bad conditions. A breakdown of the car’s air conditioning is one of the sources of inconvenience. It is quite easy to notice its malfunction,…

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What is motor oil used for?

Motor oil is the equivalent of blood for a living biological entity and the importance of this fluid is therefore not to be demonstrated, but it is essential to differentiate the functions with which it is associated. The role of…

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How to save fuel?

For your next holiday or simply for the whole year, you’ve already asked yourself how you can reduce fuel consumption while making the most of your car and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions. Indeed, it is possible to…

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