Whether you are a passenger or a driver, it is unpleasant to drive a car in bad conditions. A breakdown of the car's air conditioning is one of the sources of inconvenience. It is quite easy to notice its malfunction, because the effects are immediately felt. However, it remains to identify the exact source of the breakdown.

How the air conditioning works

This element of comfort has become almost indispensable, and is used in summer as well as in winter. On hot days, air conditioning is used to cool the air inside the car. This makes the temperature inside the car much more pleasant than outside. In addition, the atmosphere is less humid thanks to this air conditioning. During the winter season, the air conditioner, which works in conjunction with the heating and ventilation system, helps defog the windshield more quickly. Already, thanks to this, you will be able to carry out a first diagnosis air conditioning car if it does not work.

Tangible signs of an air conditioning system in poor condition

When you turn on your car's air conditioning, if you feel the air in the cabin isn't fresh enough, there's a problem. You may even be getting only warm air. In this case, your diagnosis will be the right one, the air conditioning in your car is out of order. Other effects could appear without you suspecting that it's the air conditioner. For example, the appearance of bad smells in the passenger compartment due to poor air recycling. If your windows and windshields are not defogged effectively, you will be entitled, once again, to suspect a malfunction of the air conditioning system. Finally, the failure could be causing effects where there is really no apparent connection: the sudden increase in fuel consumption.

Causes and remedial action

The car's air-conditioning system is technically quite complex. Unless you hear a distinct noise to pinpoint the exact location of the trouble, the sources of air conditioning failure are numerous and difficult for the general public to pinpoint. However, it's very common for the problem to simply come from a gas that needs to be recharged or the circuit that needs to be cleaned. The car's air-conditioning system must be regularly maintained. The refrigerant gas must be recharged at a frequency that depends on the use of the air conditioner, generally from 1 to 2 years. The same gas can also escape from the circuit, which is very harmful to the environment. In this case, it is the pipes that must be checked. In the event of an air conditioning failure, it is therefore advisable, and even compulsory, to call in a professional. The latter will have all the necessary skills and equipment to give a new lease of life to your equipment.