Given the current crisis, climate change, the high cost of fuel, it is better to try to become an eco-driver. Firstly, the advantage of being an eco-driver is the power to reduce fuel consumption by up to 25% on your own. The rest is road safety, environmental protection through ecology and many other benefits. If you want to know everything, there are 10 basic techniques you can really choose to become a useful eco-driver on the road. But through this article, it is advisable to put into practice some strictly preventive driving techniques. So discover some tips.

Tips for starting and driving

The first eco-driving tip is the startup tip. Before leaving with your car, many people warm up the engine for a few minutes to preserve it. But the reality is that today's or recent car engines do not rely on this technique because they use fluid oils at low temperatures. Therefore, it is not necessary to make this gesture but on the other hand it is advisable to drive quietly for the first 4 kilometres. This technique helps you to save fuel and release less polluted gases. As long as the engine idles for these 4 kilometres, you only consume 0.5 to 1 L/hour of petrol or diesel and the engine is preserved.

Tips on electrical appliances in a car

There are many electrical appliances in a car depending on its model and type. Nowadays, newer models require a lot of energy. The eco-driving tip with your air conditioner is to use your air conditioner reasonably with 5°C difference. As an example, if the outside temperature is 35°C, put 30°C instead. Then, know your priority needs on all electrical appliances. So put what you need most first. Turn down the volume on car radios with amplifiers if your battery is in danger of running down. Use to a lesser extent GPS, DVD players, telephone,...

Deposit to minimize your consumption

If you have a recent vehicle, you can choose several equipment for your car. The eco-driving tip here is to choose the essential equipment such as cruise control. Your journeys depend on your speed and that's why it's best to put the on-board computer in your vehicle. It gives you the advantage of indicating the mileage you can travel, your average and actual instantaneous consumption. In addition, the speed limiter and cruise control help you maintain a constant speed that doesn't exceed the limit.