Mechanical breakdowns often happen when the owner needs the car the most. Some breakdowns occur along the way, while in other cases, the car may refuse to start in the garage. In the latter case, the intervention of a tow truck is necessary to move the car to the nearest garage. However, a new solution is now available for those who encounter this type of problem, or those who wish to have their car serviced without having to go to the garage. This is the home mechanic, who is no more than a mechanic, but who comes to the customer's home at the customer's request.

What is a home mechanic?

Home mechanics are professionals who specialize in car mechanics. Like traditional garages, they intervene in the repair of cars that break down, in periodic maintenance and everything related to car mechanics. The difference lies in the fact that the latter travels to his customer, whereas for a classic garage, it is the customer who travels to his garage's workshop. The home mechanic can be independent or franchised. In general, it is an ex-mechanic with a solid experience in an auto center, but who later decided to offer a better customer service.

What services does an at-home mechanic offer?

The home mechanic offers different services to his customers. Car maintenance is a task that requires time to be done properly. First of all, it takes time to travel to the workshop, then the time given to the mechanic for all the maintenance to be done. This service can be carried out by a garage at home, without the owner having to travel to the garage. The interventions relating to the maintenance of a vehicle are included in the list of interventions most requested by customers. In addition to anything related to maintenance, he can also carry out repairs at the location desired by the vehicle owner.

Why opt for an at-home service?

The intervention of a specialist at home has several advantages. First of all, the service is less expensive compared to the rates of car centres and conventional garages. Second, the services offered by a home mechanic are more interesting and allow owners to discover the progress of the work done on their vehicle in real time. Finally, an owner opting for the intervention of a garage at home saves time and insurance, because his car is taken care of in a safe link, and without any travel.