Comfort and ease of driving are essential criteria that lead people to choose one car model over another. Sedans and touring cars are among the categories of cars that are popular with most people. This choice takes into account space, available seats and also the desired level of comfort.

City sedan for everyday use

For many people, choosing a city car is like buying a sedan. We're talking about a B+ or C-class sedan. Vehicles in these categories are the most economical and can easily navigate in an urban environment. We are talking here about 4-door cars of average size and about 4 metres in length. A classic sedan offers 4 to 5 seats and is suitable for a family with 2 or 3 children. It is still a vehicle suitable for daily commuting and for work. Fuel consumption is low to moderate. The BymyCar Group offers pre-owned Volkswagen and sedan cars of this type to satisfy those in search of a practical, comfortable and economical vehicle.

Compact sedan for power and comfort

The car is not only used for urban travel. It is also suitable for long journeys, for example when going on holiday to another country in the summer. For power and comfort, some people opt for a D-class sedan. These are indeed types of vehicles with a wide interior. The D-Class sedan meets the expectations of people who want reasonable power and a quiet ride on the road. The passenger compartment is also spacious and provides optimum comfort. Still in this quest for uncompromising power and comfort, it is possible to buy a Volkswagen F or F+ segment saloon at attractive prices.

A grand tourer for space and power

Some people don't settle for a compact car. In their quest for power, robustness and comfort, they opt for a grand touring car. These are vehicles with a very spacious interior, good power and unparalleled comfort. Long-haulers are the cars of the E-segment. This category also includes used Volkswagens with a sophisticated design that maintain well-being and comfort, even on long-distance journeys. Despite their power, these vehicles are not very fuel-efficient.